Service to Mankind 
Derick Mason, Executive Director

  Sertoma Shop Inc. 
  222 S Memorial Dr.
  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112

Providing jobs for the handicapped   
in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area         
since 1976.                       


In an effort to provide meaningful employment to our clients with developmental disabilities the Sertoma Shop operates a cedar wood shim and cedar mulch manufacturing facility at 3321 W. Charles page Blvd. We buy cedar shingles and cut them into shims which are used in the construction industry in a variety of ways. The facility workers cut the shingles, package and palletize the shims. In an effort to reduce waste, any wood not usable as shims is ground into cedar mulch, packaged and sold to the public.

Sertoma Shop 
Manufacturer of Cedar Shims and
Cedar Mulch Right Here in Tulsa!!!
3321 W. Charles Page Blvd Tulsa ok, 74127

CONTACT : Wayne McManus or 918-583-7717


Long Shims

14" to 18" Long -- $650.00 per Pallet (100 Bundles) + Tax -- 80 Shims per Bundle -- Less than 100 Bundles $7.50 per Bundle + Tax


Short Shims

8" Long -- $600.00 per Pallet (60 Bundles) (Special Order) + Tax -- 16 Packs of 12 per Bundle -- Less than 60 Bundles $12.00 per Bundle + Tax


Cedar Mulch

$3.50 per Bag + Tax -- 1 Bag Covers 3 Cubic Feet

We will deliver to the Tulsa area. - $25.00

Our Red Cedar Shingles are from the Northwest United States.

If you have an Oklahoma Tax Permit, No Tax Applied.


Note: This facility job provides jobs for disabled adults.