Service to Mankind 
Derick Mason, Executive Director

  Sertoma Shop Inc. 
  222 S Memorial Dr.
  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112

Providing jobs for the handicapped   
in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area         
since 1976.                       

Thrift Store                                   

The thrift store known as Eastside Emporium is located at 222 S. Memorial Drive. It was converted from Eastside Packaging to a resale store and opened in March 1998 and later expanded to offer more merchandise including used furniture, small appliances, clothes and electronics for sale.

It is staffed by job coaches and clients of Sertoma Shop. The purpose of the thrift store is to provide employment to our clients and to promote community integration; the clients are taken on visits to homes of flea markets, estate sales and garage sales for the Purpose of soliciting goods for resale as the thrift store counts solely on donations.

We are able to offer tax deductions for contributions to our agency which are resold. Our workers also are involved in the transporting of the goods, cleaning goods, displaying goods, pricing goods, and performing janitorial and custodial services in the store. The S.H.O.P. is proud to have had a part in helping make competitive employment a reality.

        OPEN:  MONDAY - FRIDAY  8:00A.M. to 3:30P.M.  

                   Donations or more info  918-835-7475 or 918-835-7467

                                                 Closed Saturday & Sunday